I have recently completed a year’s corporate experience as a graphic designer which followed 5 years working freelance and volunteering. In addition to this I worked for the educational media company Burning2Learn as a Media Creative, Journalist and Graphic Designer. I thrive under pressure and enjoy working to deadlines both as an individual and within a team. I work with both print and digital media, designing everything from magazines, motion graphics along with building dashboards and websites.

I enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems and have a fascination for introducing new technology into my designs; for example using new software or finding unique ways to display my designs. Design is all about interaction, the way people react to my designs is of paramount importance to me.

I have a complete working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite software amongst other programs with specialist skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, After Effects and Premier Pro.

Bellrock Branding

In my last role, I worked within the sales and marketing team providing graphic support. Being the only graphic designer within the company often meant having to juggle multiple projects which were all radically different, whether it was designing our latest exhibitions stands, building a new website, designing our fleet's new van livery or re-designing their iconic brand, no two days were the same. I find that I thrive in a varied role and enjoy challenging projects.

Van Livery 

During my time at Bellrock they acquired a small HVAC company  which they decided to amalgamate it into the 'Bellrock Group'. This in combination with the revised Bellrock Brand guidelines meant designing a new livery for a small fleet of 30 vans shown below. 

Exhibition Stands 

Also during my time at Bellrock I designed several exhibition and large print banners for B2B events as seen below  

Day to Day Design  

A few examples of day to day design within a corporate environment, info graphics, new logos for acquired companies, presentation templates, etc...

Lyceum Best Practice Centre

I was involved in the development of their 'Best Practice Centre'. The web based portal was designed to improve the day to day running of board level executives for Lyceum's portfolio. I was responsible for the graphics throughout the project including the marketing materials used at its unveiling. This project improved my direct understanding of commercial business.


I have played an active role in delivering educational materials through to the production of graphics, publishing, branding, web design, photography and social media marketing for the company. 

These projects have opened up various opportunities to gain experience and skills in many areas. For example, familiarisation with various media and publishing techniques, video production and filming, alongside opportunities to teach special needs and vulnerable children using an ICT based curriculum. 

Burning2Learn has allowed me the privilege of working with companies such as the Guardian newspaper, Red bull, TES, Nesta Education, BT Openreach and Yamaha. Within my work for Burning2Learn I also developed the online website and branding for ‘Acorn Hub,’ an initiative to support young entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses. 

Recent Projects

I'm always busy with a number of free lance project and design brief such as a recently application to Games Workshop for a design position. This work was well received by the client.  

I'm also currently designing new logos and team kit for the Pakistan Archery Federation for their athletes to wear at World Ranking events including the South Asia Games. The work is in it rudimentary stages so keep an eye on the website or my social media platforms for regular updates.     

Have a design brief or interested in my design services why not get in contact?