Over the last few years I have been involved with several digital projects. This ranges from esigning and building websites to helping create software and mobile applications by providing graphical support. Though I understand the principles behind HTML and coding and can operate a CRM system most of the websites i have built if not all have built have all been through intermediaries such as Wix, Adobe Muse or Word Press. In this way creating a far more flexible system for clients who are inexperienced with CRM systems or Code. This enables them to have full control of the product after I've finished my job.  Below are a few project I've had the pleasure of working on recently.

Lyceum Best Practice Center 1.0 & 2.0

I was part of the team that developed the Lyceum Best Practice Center. An online web portal and application. I've been involved in the development of the initial 1.0 software and its revised edition 2.0. The web based portal was designed to improve the day to day running of board level executives that formed par of Lyceum's portfolio. I was responsible for the graphics throughout the project including the marketing materials used at its unveiling. This project improved my direct understanding of commercial business.

Burning2Learn & The Acorn Hub

During my time working with Buring2Learn I had the opportunity to build and launch a new website along with several social media outlets for Burning2Learn's subsidiary company the Acorn Hub. The Acorn Hub promoted and helped young entrepreneurs start up small business that once had become self sufficient gave back to the community and helped other start up business of their own.  


It was shortly after the successful launch of the Acorn Hubs website that we began to redesign and began to revamp Burning2Learn's own. The Burning2Learn website did in the end require a complete rebuild but had a lot more of initial ground work from it previous website as well as already existing social media platforms already in place. 

Bellrock FM Website 

Whilst working at Bellrock I was part of the team that refreshed the existing Bellrock website. Creating new icons, making banners and editing strong imagery to be integrated into a custom HTML system built by our in house team. The website was managed by a custom CRM system. Half way through the company decided to begin outsourcing the advanced coding. It was my job to help source and resource the outgoing project.  

Bellrock Group Website

During the intermittent period of looking for new website developers the company went through some drastic changes. Acquiring a number of new subsidiary companies forming a 'group' Company. I created a filler website to buffer between the old and new systems and to fill the gaps in-between the outdated existing company and the rapidly forming group that offered a very different range of services and solutions. the website was also used to give outsourcing companies and idea of what we were looking for and working towards for the future.    

Tate Turbine Generation - Uniliver Series 

Whilst taking part of the Tate turbine Generation Project I was involved with a team who launched and developed a new digital platform designed to create art interventions across the globe. Simply put it was a giant digital art platform similar to Flicker or Facebook, that allowed the users from around the world to show and exhibit of art. This work culminated in myself and a colleague giving a lecture at the Tate Modern as part of the Worlds Together Conference about the new platform. Alongside the new platform before it was launched we also ran a 'Blogger' which I built and managed myself. The blogger in its prime had over 20,000 visitor. The blog was linked to a project called a 'Dictionary of Taste', that utilized a a live flicker account which participants could upload photos of the project. In much the same way that hashtags work today, but this was before hashtags existed or were common knowledge.


The Tate Modern Platform went on to win two digital awards that year one for best new digital platform 2012.   

Project Anonymous 

I built this website as part of a project that took a collection of artists who attended Nottingham Trent University that formed a collaboration o create large scale art interventions that happened throughout the city of Nottingham.